Bendico Film


by Lorenzo d’Amico De Carvalho – 2017 – 22′ – comedy

Screenplay: Lorenzo d’Amico De Carvalho and Anne-Riitta Ciccone

With: Francesca Ziggiotti, Riccardo Sinibaldi, Beniamino Marcone


Ludovica and Alessandro are quite young, decidedly cute and partially employed.

Today is their day, that one they have been waiting for weeks: today they will conceive a child.

But just as they get ready to get to work, the world around them suddenly seems to rebel.

A continuous series of setbacks will bring to light all the fears that the two protagonists hide behind the apparent conviction of being ready to become parents today.

Will our heroes come out alive – and united- from the Helzapoppin preparing to put their quiet country house on fire?


by Goia Magrini and Roberto Meddi – 2013 – 54′ – documentary


Sergio Corbucci was one of the most prolific and eclectic directors of Italian cinema: in 40 years of career he made about 70 films of all the genres, from “peplum” to horror, from comedy to detective story, from musical film to western, the genre that he perhaps preferred and in which he is considered a master as Sergio Leone.

Always attentive to the tastes of the public that rewarded him with record income, Corbucci never gave up on a meticulous professionalism.

Based on the unpublished autobiography of Sergio Corbucci, the documentary traces his human and professional history using materials from the Istituto Luce’s repertoire and private amateur photos and films, as well as testimonies of his friends and collaborators, and especially of his wife Nori, who shared with him 31 years of life from their first meeting in 1959.


by Filiberto Scarpelli – 2012 – 80′ – animation


During the fascist period in Rome a clumsy and tragic lawyer Rinaldo Maria Bonci Pavonazzi seduces a young ironer Lolli Cianciarelli because of his existential boredom.

The girl falls in love soon with Mario Marchetti, an university student who is also a boxer. In this way a love triangle full of passions and torments starts, the one the lawyer would never have imagined before, becoming suddenly obsessive and aggressive and ending up recalled by the army of the Black Shirts in Spain during the civil war, where he will meet Lolli and Mario engaged as International Brigatists.


by Luca Zingaretti – 2007 – 58′ – documentary


A precious documentary directed by Luca Zingaretti, about a great screenwriter Suso Cecchi d’Amico, master of our times.

Famous for having participated in the preparation of numerous masterpieces of Italian and international cinema, Suso pleasantly talks to her granddaughter Margherita in the living room of the beloved house, sharing the meetings with directors, actors, and intellectuals, tells about herself, her life as daughter, wife, mother, woman.

In more than 50 years of career d’Amico tightens, in particular, a strong and lasting partnership with Luchino Visconti and Mario Monicelli.


by Gioia Magrini and Roberto Meddi – 2007 – 38′ – documentary


Ten years after the death of the actor Marcello Mastroiani, extraordinary icon of the Italian cinema, his two daughters, Barbara and Chiara, meet in their house in Torre di Lucca and exchange memories of their childhood and their father.